Corporate Workshops | VIP Days

I am happy to speak at group meetings, conferences, corporate training, or meet just one-on-one.

Workshops are designed for groups of any size. VIP Days are designed for individuals or couples. All offerings last four hours, however, may be tailored to the needs of a group or individual. Please contact me for details.

Signature Topics

Happiness and the Art of Life Balance

If overwhelm is part of your daily life, if you are missing dates with friends, birthdays and anniversaries, then you have ceased to have control over your life. This session is eleven years in the making; the time that I have spent studying what makes for a sustainable saner, happier life. Why did I embark on this path of study? Because I needed this to do this for myself, so I could deal with the stress of being a TV producer. Now, I help professionals who struggle with their work-life balance. It is possible to have your cake and eat too. You just need to learn how and this is where I can be of service.

Setting Intentions: Heart vs. Ego

All good things start with good intentions, ones that come from the heart instead of the ego. I will guide you through a series of writing exercises meant to reveal your values, along with what is important to you. Then use this exploration to set meaningful intentions that are achievable; be it in business, your personal life, or both. Guided meditation will be included during our time together.

Make Peace Not War: Negotiating Negative Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior

What are the stories that are running, or should I say ruining your life? What are the old patterns that keep occurring and blocking your path to happiness? Truly, it does not have to be this way; it is just what you know to do. I will share how to deal with negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior constructively. How to recognize them and let them go once and for all. Writing exercises, energizing breathwork and guided meditations will be included during our time together.

On and Off the Cushion: Creating A Transformative Meditation Practice

Meditation is the secret weapon for just about everything when it comes to having a peaceful mind, a clear mind, a healthy mind. This session is a meditation intensive that can be appreciated by all levels, from those who have never meditated to those who already have a sitting practice. It is one thing to learn to meditate using an app, or through an online course. I have done this myself. However, it is a richer, deeper experience to spend time with a teacher. I still do this myself as well, even though I guide meditators. I seek my teachers with an open mind and always learn something, or glean a new meaning to an old concept. A teacher can answer questions, share techniques, and impart philosophy that will give way to the next level of your practice. In many cases, may even reignite your practice. Like anything, your practice can become stagnate. Eventually, you start skipping a practice here and there, until you are no longer sitting in that quiet contemplation we each need to manage the challenges of our daily lives. I am here for you, to start you on your way or uplevel your practice -- what happens on the cushion has a direct impact on what happens off the cushion.

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