More than a decade ago, I became obsessed with what makes people happy; how to cultivate it and how to sustain it. It began as a personal journey to deal with the stressful demands of being a television producer. Today, I work with professionals, especially those in entertainment, to uplevel the quality of their lives. I speak about Happiness, lead workshops, transformational travel trips, and retreats. My teachings include Mindfulness, Primordial Sound Meditation, Prayer of the Heart, and Restorative Yoga. I still develop and produce media projects, now more sanely.

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Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA, Founder
Purveyor of Happiness and Conscious-Centered Living

My Happiness Program

I help those who are struggling with life balance and stress, which ultimately affects one's level of happiness. Is that you? It was definitely me.

In my own research, I found that all of us with demanding lifestyles often wish for more time, more control over life, as well as the capacity to do more. What this really translates to is the desire to feel more centered, calmer, and just happier. As a longtime television producer, I know that this has indeed been true in my career, which is what set me off on my own journey towards Happiness. Now, I am here to help you get out of the crazy and into the happy.

My Promise

To help you to create a life that is filled with more joy, more harmony, and more adventure.

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  • Create a happier life, lived on purpose
  • Stay out of the overwhelm
  • Get core values aligned with your purpose
  • Increased creativity
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Live your life smarter, not harder
  • Manage your stress
  • Gain focused awareness
  • Greater resilience
  • Have closer relationships

Level 1 | Happy
Unlimited ninety-day access

Get six audio modules along with transcripts and recorded guided meditations.

Level 2 | Very Happy
Join with Guided Support

Includes everything in the unlimited ninety-day program
along with monthly Q&A support calls and guided meditations.

Level 3 | Super Happy
VIP Mentoring

A personalized ninety-day program with Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA.

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