As Om is the universal sound, the white light of sound, the embodiment of all sound, So Hum is the universal mantra. Why? Because it embodies the very vibration of our breath.

Breathing in Soooo, embodies the sound of your inhalation.

Breathing out Hummm, embodies the sound of your exhalation.

The So Hum meditation is a very simple, very powerful meditation technique that uses the breath in repetition with the mantra to quiet the mind and relax the body. This, similar to Primordial Sound Meditation, helps to take your awareness from a state of constricted thinking into a state of expanded consciousness by using what already exists in nature and within each of us.

So Hum is an ancient Indian mantra that also carries a contemplative meaning, translated as I am that.

Soooo being I am.

Hum being that.

The idea of that speaks to all of creation. This contemplative meditation helps us to reflect upon the interdependent nature of all phenomenon that was first revealed by the sages, and now being confirmed by physicists today. I like to think that… is all of creation is breathing as one.

This a good meditation to start out with, and as you feel you want to deepen and personalize your meditation practice, go onto Primordial Sound Meditation.

To assist you in experiencing this mediation, look for my gift of an online guided So Hum meditations sessions. Check postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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