I am a huge fan of this company, NOVICA. I love, love the story behind this family-owned business.

Roberto Milk had a college dream to create an enterprise that would change the world. How? By helping artisans bring their exceptionally crafted goods to the mainstream marketplace through e-commerce. His then girlfriend, now wife, Mina, thought he was being funny. While worthy, she felt it was a rather ambitious goal. That was back 1999. That dream is now across several international borders.

  • NOVICA has sent $75,730,054 to artisans
  • NOVICA impacts over 75,000 artisans and their families
  • NOVICA has 52,789 handmade creations on their website

I met Roberto and Mina a couple of summers ago when I was asked to do a TV pilot about a family who traveled the world with their kids, looking for handcrafted items to sell in their business. A fairly innocuous one-line show concept. Little did I know what I was in for, in the best of ways. You see the numbers above, no small family business. Then their kids well, there were four of them and all under the age of nine. One was barely two years old! And they were traveling with us the entire time. It was and still is, really important to Roberto and Mina that their kids came along as they source goods, often in rural villages, so they could learn about the world. It was not a way(delete) easy to travel. However, you could clearly see why and the love they all shared as a family. Quite touching.

As I continue to expand Sojourn Explorers, it is important to me that I support dreams, like Roberto and Mina’s. I applaud everything they have earned from a heart-centered place.

You can learn more about their global mission here: https://www.novica.com/our-mission/

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