Meditation is the antidote for just about everything from clearing a cluttered mind to clarifying ones purpose to reducing stress to improving your health. It is about as close as one can get to having a silver bullet. If you don’t know what a silver bullet is, it is something that’s a quick and easy solution to a serious problem. If you are wandering around in folklore-land, it is usually the only weapon that can effectively be used against werewolf, witches and other scary monsters. In our regular daily lives, truly many of us could really use a silver bullet to manage the scary monsters that come in the form of overwhelm, stress and disease. If you Google ‘meditation,’ you will see countless articles and research documentation on its benefits, hence the analogy.

Here are a few articles to check out:

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Meditation: A Simple Fast Way to Reduce Stress, Mayo Clinic

To be honest, any meditation you come to is a good meditation. Some key benefits:

Calms your overall nervous system
Quiets the mind
Focuses your attention
Reduces stress
Preserves the grey matter in your brain
Widens your awareness
Connects you to who you are, your desires and purpose

There are a myriad of forms that you can study; mantra, chants, breath, guided, transcendental, mindfulness, sitting up, lying down, walking,… You just need to find the one, or ones, that suit you best, experiment. For myself, I use different meditations for different reasons at different times, and find them all uniquely beneficial. I have made a career as a TV producer, being over worked and way too stressed out. Not eating well, not sleeping well. No balance in my life, what-so-ever. That came to a stop when I found meditation after finishing production on a particular emotionally challenging series. Meditation was my silver bullet. Now, I teach three-forms in group settings, webinars, via Skype, one-on-one as well as leading retreats:

So Hum Mantra (Universal Meditation)
Primordial Sound Meditation (Form of Transcendental Meditation)
Prayer of the Heart (Christian Meditation based on the Jesus Prayer).

How you learn and cultivate your practice depends on the individual; what you are looking for in your meditation practice, and where you are in that journey. I am happy to help guide you toward what will work best for you.

For those of you wondering, meditation will not impinge on your belief system. In fact, it will connect you more to your beliefs while opening your awareness into the field of unbounded possibility. I was baptized into the Greek Orthodox Christian Faith, which I still practice today. I am on the Parish Council at my church in Los Angeles. Meditation has actually helped deepen my faith. I have taught others who are not affiliated with any organized faith, and they have felt the benefits of meditation quite profoundly as well. So whether you are secular or not, there is a something for you.

Please check out the meditation events and actives offered through Picture Happiness: Take a Shot. Feel free to contact me with questions, or better yet, sign up for one of our events to experience first-hand. There also guided meditations of the So Hum Mantra and Prayer of the Heart that I do, both online and in-person. This is my gift to all of you. You can find out when those events happen either by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or checking out

For more: Primordial Sound Meditation | So Hum Mantra | Prayer of the Heart

May you be happy! Maria