Happy Friday Messages | The Golden Health Triangle | 17Mar17

Hello, Maria Baltazzi here, founder of Picture Happiness: Take a Shot. After researching happiness for almost 11 years, I am now here to help you be a better you. These weekly Friday messages are snap-shot ideas under 8-minutes on how to be happier. You then have the weekend to put them into action.

Years ago, when I was struggling with — well, and still do — the rising cost of health insurance, it occurred to me that really the best insurance plan is to take care of yourself in the first place. When I say take care of yourself, it is more than just nourishing and exercising your body. Fortunately for me, my parents have been excellent role models on this front. They have excised and eaten healthy all of their lives. Though this is only a third of it. What you truly need to do is take care of all it, everything that embodies you in a three-dimensional way, mind, body and spirit. I call this the Golden Health Triangle.

There are scores of books on the intricate details of these subjects, so I am just going to give you a 10,000 foot view of this Golden Health Triangle.

I chose a triangle to represent mind, body and spirit for the obvious, and also because of its structural strength. It is the strongest geometric shape used in the construction of buildings. The reason why is that the rigidness of its sides allows for the transference of force more evenly through its sides than any other shapes. And that’s essentially what you want going on in the relationship between your mind, body and spirit; an even and constant flow of your life force, so everything works in unity from within. When you work well from inside, things work much better on the outside.

On the bottom left part of the triangle is your body. General good rules to follow are number one, eating foods that are close to their source, meaning avoid most things in a can, box or bag with label ingredients you can’t pronounce. A predominantly plant based diet is better than one with a lot meat. Second, drinks lots of water. The average adult body is 50 - 65% water, which we need to constantly replenish; water is the primary building block of our cells. Third, get out and exercise on a regular basis. You all know this by now. Then, sleep! The body needs sleep, seven to nine hours for most adults. This is when our bodies restores itself. Not enough sleep will put you on a fast track to the fulfilling the adage “sleep when you’re dead”. If you look up torture techniques at Guantanamo, sleep deprivation is number two — that should tell you a lot.

Moving on to the bottom right of the Golden Health Triangle is your mind. This is where your thoughts, emotions, ego and intellect all reside. It’s a full house here, and you want to guard and nurture this area with positive, mindful, conscious ways of being. You want to be the observer of  the thoughts that lead to your actions — and take action when they are not in alignment with serving your highest good.

At the top of the Golden Health Triangle is spirit. This is where when our bodies and mind are still enough to go beyond our limiting thoughts to explore what lies beyond our everyday perception of the world. This is the realm where we can expand our individual consciousness to unite with universal consciousness. When that happens, good things happen for us all. If you think about it, our personal Golden Health Triangle is really part a greater collective Golden Health Triangle. So when you take care of yourself, you are helping to nurture a greater good.

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Until next Friday, hope your week is filled with much happiness. This is Maria Baltazzi, founder of Picture Happiness: Take a Shot. Happy Weekend to you!

Originally recorded on SoundCloud.com l Picture Happiness: Take a Shot, Happy Friday Message (2017)