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Happy Friday Messages | The Golden Health Triangle | 17Mar17

Years ago, when I was struggling with — well, and still do — the rising cost of health insurance, it occurred to me that really the best insurance plan is to take care of yourself in the first place. When I say take care of yourself, it is more than just nourishing and exercising your body.

Happy Friday Message | Inner Game | 10 Mar 17

Hello, Maria Baltazzi here, founder of Picture Happiness: Take a Shot. After researching happiness for close to 11 years, I am now here to help you create more happiness and life balance, and that’s why I do these weekly Friday messages. The thought being to give you a snap-shot idea under 8-minutes on how to

Emotional Hygiene | 3 Mar 17

Emotional Hygiene is a term I have seen credited to the Dalai Lama, which encourages us to get emotions, like anger, frustration and anxiety, under control.

Loving Compassion | 24 Feb 17

This week I want to talk about Loving Compassion, starting with some definitions from the Oxford Dictionary.

What is Love | 17 Feb 17

So Happy Post-Valentine’s Day! I think this week is a good one to look at what love means, literally, the dictionary definition.

Love Letter to the Universe | 10 Feb 17

Since we are in the month of love, I thought this would be a good time to write a love letter to the Universe, or God, if that is your inclination.

Blueprint for Meditation | 03 Feb 17

At the request from one of my students, this week I’ll be going through a brief blueprint for meditation. I will cover this blueprint in eight steps.

Faith Verses Belief | 27 Jan 17

The other night I was over at a friend’s house, she asked about my thoughts on the difference between faith and belief. To tell you the truth, I had never really thought about there being a difference. I often use the words interchangeably. However she got me thinking, so I spent a little time looking into the difference, starting with the definition of each word.

Making Your Personal 10 Commandments | 20 Jan 17

So, we have all heard of God’s 10 Commandments. These are God’s non-negotiables on how one should live and conduct their lives. Though have you ever considered your personal 10 commandments? What are your non-negotiables, your deal-breakers?

Lucky 13 and Leaps of Faith | 13 Jan 17

So today is Friday the 13th, and right now an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the US are literally paralyzed by the fear of this exact day. This is according to a 2012 study done by the North Carolina Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute. Though I bet you on any given day about that many, or more, suffer another kind of fear, and that is the fear of taking that leap of faith.

New Beginnings | 06 Jan 17

First, start by looking at the significant attitudes, actions and behavior that are serving you well. What is working, and keep those. Two, do the same for significant attitudes, actions and behavior that are NOT serving you well.

2016 Reflections | 30 Dec 16

My closing year thoughts are to take stock on all that you have accomplished this year, highlighting what you are most proud of, and using that as motivation to plan what lies ahead in the new year.

Having a Joyful, Stress-free Holiday | 23 Dec 16

Begin by actually setting the intention to have a joyful, stress-free holiday, and be really specific about when, how and with whom you are usually challenged by during the holidays. This is really important, it will keep your intention focused.

8 Tips to Cultivating True Inner Peace | 16 Dec 16

This week I want to give you eight tips to creating true inner peace, which in turn better enables you to be of real service.

Helper’s High | 09 Dec 16

Have you ever heard of a runner’s high? Well, there’s something called a Helper’s High, which is what you receive when you give from the heart a gracious act of altruism.

How Can I Serve? | 02 Dec 16

So now, we begin that last month of this year. December to me, and I am sure for many others, is a time to give, and to be thinking about the different ways in which you can be of service.

Spiritual Thanksgiving | 25 Nov 16

This week is the last Friday in November, as well as the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. A perfect time to reflect to on your own inner-personal thanksgiving, your spiritual thanksgiving.

The Gratitude Shake | 18 Nov 16

This week, let’s get physical, and into how you can use gratitude to shake off negativity, literally. I call it the Gratitude Shake. This where you take ALL your negative and limiting thoughts, every one of them, and physically get rid of them.

Gratitude Journaling | 11 Nov 16

This week, I want to talk about how easy it is to put an attitude of gratitude into play, and its something you may already be doing. And then in that case, I was to support that you keep doing it, and that is keeping a gratitude journal.

To Have And To Give | 04 Nov 16

As November kicks off the holiday season, I want to talk about gratitude, which was a topic we touched on earlier this year. However cultivating gratitude in your life is so important to your overall happiness that it is worthy of revisiting and exploring other aspects of it.

Bedtime Intentions | 28 Oct 16

This week is another suggestion is on how to manifest your vision. It’s called Bedtime Intentions. I love Bedtime Intentions because it puts the universe to work on your behalf while you are restoring your mind and body through sleep.

Time for a Clutter Cleanse | 21 Oct 16

This week, let’s take a moment to look at what can be blocking you from manifesting your vision. Believe it or not, its clutter, clutter in your home, at your office, on your computer.

Manifesting Your Next Chapter in Life | 14 Oct 16

Let’s talk now about how to begin manifesting the next chapter of your life.

Time to Reset | 07 Oct 16

This is the time to take stock and build on your current strengths, and use them to manifest a greater you, a greater future. In short, it’s a good time to reset.

Conscious Relationships | 30 Sep 16

The last conscious living topic that I want to cover is relationships. How are you being in relationship with others as well as with yourself?

Carpe Diem, Mindfully | 23 Sep 16

This week, I want to focus on conscious moment-to-moment experiences. It just might put a different perspective on what it means to say, “carpe diem”, meaning to seize the day in Latin. In this case, it’s seize the moment.

Conscious Doing | 16 Sep 16

As we are getting towards the last quarter of the year, maybe starting to think about 2017, it’s a great time to take a very conscious deep look at what you are doing with your life.

Just Breathe | 09 Sep 16

This week, we’ll focus one of the most important things about conscious living, and that is being conscious of your physical state.

Making Conscious Choices | 02 Sep 16

The month of September, I want to talk about conscious living. Specifically this week… about the choices you make.

Just Own It | 26 Aug 16

What you now what to do is own your intentions, take responsibility for them. Own it verses it owning you.

Get Out of Your Way | 19 Aug 16

To follow-up on this from last week… Know that there is no limit on the amount of abundance that you are entitled to, no invisible line that selects who can have and who can’t.

The Power of Intention is Powerful | 12 Aug 16

Your first question may be, “well, how do you create abundance?” Well, you can start by setting your intentions for not only what you want in life, also it’s important to set the intention of how you want to be in life… as in a positive, “I can do it” force.

What is True Abundance? | 05 Aug 16

This month is all about creating abundance. I am going to start off with saying that is NOT about making money. Though it will most likely be the by-product.

Your Key to Freedom | 29 July 16

This week, I want to talk about getting out of your own way. Think about something you really want to do, and aren’t because you are attached the idea that you can’t. I am here to urge to let go, to detach from that limiting thought.

Get Out of Your Way | 22 July 16

This week, I want to put forth the idea that detachment creates a more sane life, ergo detachment equals balance.

You Control Your Life | 15 July 16

This week, on the heels of last week’s thought, think about the notion of how being out of control could be a golden opportunity to be in control. What I mean is… you cannot control what other people think of you.

Detachment Equals Balance | 08 July 16

This week, I want to put forth the idea that detachment creates a more sane life, ergo detachment equals balance.

Let Go, Let Life | 01 July 16

This month we move onto the topic of detachment as in letting go of a specific result, the way things have to be or should be. How do you do this?

Why I Should Forgive | 24 June 16

This week marks the first six months of these messages, I hope you’ve found them helpful. We’ll end the first half of the year, and the month of June, with a thought about why you should practice forgiving.

Forgiveness is Another Word For Compassion | 17 June 16

This week, I want to look at forgiveness as being another word for compassion. While looking at someone who has deeply hurt you seems counter-intuitive, it may been of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

The Cost of Being Right | 10 Jun 16

This week, let’s consider what it costs you to be unforgiving. What relationships no longer exists because you or the other person thought they were so right that forgiveness was not an option?

For-giving is For-living | 3 Jun 16

This month we go to the other side of the coin of gratitude, forgiveness. This one can be really difficult to take on. Emotional wounds are not easily healed, oftentimes they are deep seeded going back months and years in time, possibly to childhood. Though I can only emphasis and emphasis again and again the importance of being able to forgive, no matter what the circumstance had been.

Gratitude is a Continuing Celebration of the Present | 27 May 16

We end our month on gratitude talking about how it can be a continuing celebration of what is already present in your life. When I look around at all that I have in my life, the people, the support, the love, my home, my experiences, feelings of gratefulness swell so big inside my heart.

Gratitude Motivates Helpfulness l 20 May 16

This week, let’s consider how gratitude helps to create a life of meaning and purpose.

Gratitude Makes For Stronger Relationships | 13 May 16

This week, we’re picking up last week’s ending thought that you cannot hold thoughts of gratitude along with thoughts of anger, resentment, or envy at the same time.

An Attitude of Gratitude Multiples | 6 May 16

This month, I want to get into gratitude. Truly having an attitude of gratitude will take you miles towards feeling happier about life.

Why Give Peace a Chance | 29 Apr 16

This week we round out the month, talking about the benefits, why you want to cultivate peace in your life. In other of words, why give peace a chance?

Say Bye To What No Longer Serves You | 22 Apr 16

This week is about making peace with that which does serve you as well as peace with that which does not, and let the latter go.

The Past Is Just That | 15 Apr 16

This week I want to talk about another step in creating inner-peace, and that is in how you view the past. Simply put, the past is just that…

Make Peace, Not War With Loved Ones | 8 Apr 16

As we move into the month of April, our topic now revolves around the inner-peace that we all seek.

Peace, Inner-Peace | 1 Apr 16

As we move into the month of April, our topic will revolve around peace, peacefulness, really the inner-peace that we all seek. In the big picture of life, cultivating peace gives your mind, body and spirit — the three areas we spoke about last month — the time it needs to revitalize itself, helping you to look, feel and be happier.

The Antidote To Stress | 25 Mar 16

This week I want to delve into the area of spirit, of mind, body and spirit. Specifically, I want to talk about meditation.

Take A Break | 18 Mar 16

This week we are going to talk about health in the physical realm. I think most of us know by now to eat our fruits and vegetables, to try to buy organic, getting as close as possible to a clean food source, avoiding fatty and fried foods, limiting your meat intake as well as your alcohol consumption

We Are Not Our Thoughts | 11 Mar 16

This month is about health, and why taking care of yourself in a 3-dimensional way — mind, body and spirit — is your best insurance plan. Let’s face it, if you do not make the time to be healthy, you will be forced to take the time to be sick. And by then, it could be too late.

Your Best Insurance Plan | 4 Mar 16

This month I want to get into our health, and why taking care of yourself can be your best insurance plan. When I refer to a healthy insurance plan, I am talking about taking care of yourself in a 3-dimensional way: mind, body and spirit. If you do not make the time to be healthy, you will be forced to take the time to be sick

Always Find Something to Love | 26 Feb 16

This week, I want to talk about the importance of finding something you love in everything you do. This is a big one. There are so many things in life that we find fault with and complain about…

Showing Up For Yourself | 19 Feb 16

This week, I want to talk more about love in the realm of self-love… in learning to show up for yourself by learning to keep your own company.

Importance of Love | 12 Feb 16

This week, I’d like to share the why. WHY is it important that we develop love in our lives? Develop loving relationships in all areas of our lives. Because there are very practical and beneficial reasons to do this — well beyond the romantic notions one usually associates with love. The benefits of love fall into four main areas: spiritual health, intellectual health, social health, and physical health.

About You | 4 Feb 16

This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to talk about love and relationships. And not just romantic ones…relationships in every area of your life…with family, friends, the world at large, and most importantly the one you have with yourself. That’s the one that impacts all the others.

Climb Your Mountain | 29 Jan 16

This week, I want to talk about taking bite-sized pieces or bigger — if you’re up for it — towards achieving the outcome you want this year. The point is if you want something, the best way to get it is to think about what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

Ask Yourself Why | 22 Jan 16

This week, I want to think about the why. Why do you want what you want in life? Why do you want the goal you set for the year?

Choosing Your Theme | 15 Jan 16

Happy Friday! Maria Baltazzi here. I’ve been studying in and around the field of happiness for over 10 year, and now want to share some of my insights with you in hopes that it will inspire you to take steps to create — even just a little more — happiness into your daily life. Each week, I plan to share a small nugget, a small step that you can easily employ into your life.