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8 Good Things

Congratulations on your PhD! You are certainly racking up lifetime achievements. And, thank you for including me on your mailing list. I enjoy your 8 Good Things. ~ John. V

Congratulations, Maria, on your doctorate. Enjoyed your letter and love the 20-secs to courage.

~ Loyelle E.

Great newsletter this week. Fabien’s book looks good. ~ Ethan Z.

It is a breath of fresh air to see someone working consciously to curate and create opportunities to uplift and inspire others, we need more of that in this world.
~ Kathryn D.

Really enjoy these positive Friday posts. Sorely needed these days. ~ Craig S.

Thanks for this, Maria! Keep 'em coming! Just reading about these ideas and journeys makes me less stressed. So THANK YOU!! :-)
~ Meredith F.

Thoroughly enjoying the new insights that come with each of your Friday emails. ~ Ian R.

Wish you knew how much I look forward to these Friday emails. Thank you so much for including me. ~ Maria K.

Thank you Maria. As always, so very good and up-lifting. ~ Carla J.

Thanks for your continuing Sojourn Explorers email and the recipes for... mom’s bread Tsoureki and... chocolate peanut butter eggs (yummy!!). ~ Tom W.

Another great read on a Friday, Maria, thank you. ~ David M.

Love your work, Maria ~ Anthony H.

Wonderful!!!!! ~ Steven S.

I LOVE IT!!! ~ Fernando M.

So glad you send these! I always look forward to receiving them.
~ Steve F.


I love it how you just keep rockin it... ~ Matt R.

Maria, such great material in here. It's awesome ~ David V.