• | Mikaku and Putu | Owners at the Floating Leaf"It was a true honor to work with you throughout the entire retreat planning process. We communicated a great deal and each and every time you showed you are a true professional, kind, fair and knowledgeable. Your credentials are beyond reproach and you have lead teams all over the globe including some incredible remote areas. It was both impressive and motivational for me to work with you and the entire staff loved having you stay with us. To have someone in your position here with us was an honor and a privilege. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and serve you."
  • Sylvia V. | TV Commercial Executive Producer
    “Maria's gentle and loving instruction expanded my spotty decade+ meditation practice to an almost daily habit. Through her patient guidance, I learned how to quiet the chatter in my head and to connect quicker and deeper to my true essence. I hear her voice singing my primordial sound with me as I go into the gap. Maria's meditation training has infused in me calm, greater self confidence and loving kindness.”
  • John K. | Executive Director
    “I was privileged to participate as a student in Ms. Maria Baltazzi’s in-depth Primordial Sound Meditation class. She provided the outmost levels of instruction of a powerful meditation technique in a format that was easy to practice and learn. Her passionate and dynamic teaching allowed me to enter into a deep level of awareness, to develop and maintain a personal practice of meditation on a regular basis, and to reap the benefits of evident spiritual growth in addition to an increased sense of well-being, energy and creativity.”
  • Mark T. | Talk Radio Host | TV Creator | Voiceover Artist
    “If this was YELP, I’d give it 5 stars. What a wonderful weekend! Terrific moments of clarity and provocative thought process. At times… it was challenging BUT revealing. Fascinating and beautiful… Wonderfully relaxing…”
  • Lisa V. | Mom | Wife | Studio Co-owner
    “Wow! Such an amazing weekend. My Top Ten: 10-New Friendships, 9-Eating Meals Together, 8-The Hike, 7-The Mantra, 6-The Meditation, 5-The Sharing, 4- The Support, 3-The Love Felt, 2-The Stretching, 1-The Instructor. Thank you, love you.”
  • Tricia R. | Television Editor
    “Thank you. It is a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing the impact meditation will have on my life, and I just look forward to incorporating it into my lifestyle as a practice. All the people I have met this weekend has added something special to this experience and I am grateful to you for creating a wonderful and inspirational weekend. Cheers to the possibilities!”
  • Mike T. | App Developer
    “What an enlightening class! I have to thank you for helping me center my thoughts, relax myself, and explore my mental space. Your classes have stimulated a new yearning for a deeper peace and oneness. I’m very grateful for your attentiveness as a mentor and an instructor.”
  • Michelle M. | Marketing Consultant
    “Maria Baltazzi has taught me Primordial Sound Meditation and because of that my life has transformed. She not only taught me how to practice, she was able to teach me how to weave meditation seamlessly into my life. Her approach, style and coaching has allowed me to stay connected to what’s important!”