In my other life, I am an Emmy Award winning TV producer. I mostly do adventure shows and will get on a plane somewhere cool any chance I get. A show of mine that you may be most familiar with is CBS’ long-running hit series, Survivor. I was one of the original show producers. Yes, I was on the beach with the infamous fat, naked guy, named Richard Hatch, the “do not suffer fools lightly” truck driver, Susan Hawk, and the lovable, cranky retired Navy SEAL, Rudy. I’ve also done documentaries and other competition shows, all shot on location.

Over time, I have had many people tell me that they were jealous of my life, or wanted my life. Not only did this surprise me, but my reaction has always been the same. “Well, you can. You just need to create it, like I did.” Though I think many people simply don’t know how. Truthfully, I didn’t know how at first either. We go to school to learn to be accountants, engineers, doctors, filmmakers, and so on. However, we don’t ever really learn how to create a happy life for ourselves. And it’s one of the fundamental principles that founded our country; the pursuit of happiness. Now there is a movement in the academic world called Positive Psychology, which is the science of happiness. That’s great, but most people aren’t going to go get a degree in this. So we’re back to square one on how to create a happy life. After being asked time and again about how I created my path, I decided to put together a book, which has now become both this website and the launch pad for doing retreats on creating a happier path in life that includes learning meditation (which has huge spiritual and medical benefits).

By design everything I am putting forth is intended to be just basic every day wisdom. My book, which is where it all started, is based on a series of lessons that have come about after years of personal research and plain ole’ life experience. Most of these lessons are simple and easy to apply. Others are seemingly simple and take more effort to apply.

Everything I do is predicated on 8 inner well-being building blocks that have consistently helped shape my state of happiness. It is a daily practice that keeps evolving as I evolve. After going through this website, you may find that you have a different set of happiness building blocks. That’s totally fine. It’s your wonderful life to create. Everything on this website is meant to give you a place to start from. Here you will find not only my thoughts, but thoughts from others, just like you. Consider this your jumping off point to creating the life you want for yourself.

In addition to my thoughts, the real key to this website is in sharing your words and photos about happiness in areas of faith, love, health, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, detachment and abundance. The point is to get you to visually and verbally realize what brings you happiness. This is found in the small things and the big things, and ultimately reflect what’s inside of you. Embrace and appreciate all of it. Take a daily photo of something that brings a smile and lights up your eyes, I do! It helps you to a) take a moment to remember to be happy, and b) reflect on why.

I invite you to enjoy this website, visit often, post lots. Learn from and inspire each other. Take a shot!